April 20, 2024

I’m buying new: what aid can I claim?

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When buying a new home, it is possible to benefit from various aids. What is the most suitable device for your profile and your objectives? Overview of existing aid.

Do you want to buy a new property? Many aids exist, whether to lighten your budget or to reduce the rate of your loan. The Zero-Rate Loan (PTZ) is undoubtedly the most well-known purchase assistance device for new buyers! This financial aid, reserved for first-time buyers, is granted by the State.

To benefit from it, you must not have owned your main residence during the last two years preceding the loan application. Interest-free (hence its name), the Zero Rate Loan offers the possibility to those who obtain it to buy a main residence and finance up to 40% of their real estate project.

There is also a resource limit to be respected, which varies according to the number of occupants of the accommodation and the area where it is located. Finally, it should be noted that this loan must be backed by a conventional loan.

Another lever to activate when you become a new owner: the premium accession. It is provided by Action Logement , which aims to help first-time buyers to find housing thanks to a contribution from companies and allows you to receive an amount of €10,000.

To qualify, you must be an employee of a private sector or agricultural company . The accommodation you plan to buy must be your future main residence and comply with energy performance conditions. In addition, the property must not be financed as part of an ”  Action heart of the city  ” operation (public investment plan aimed at revitalizing medium-sized towns), nor as part of the new national urban renewal program (NPNRU) . You also don’t need to have owned your home for the past two years.

The Housing Action Loan

Also provided by Action Logement and formerly called 1% employer or employer loan, the Action Housing Loan (PAL) finances the first acquisition of a main residence.

Reserved for employees of a private sector company with more than 10 people, it must be reimbursed within 20 years of its granting. This loan is granted at a fixed rate of 0.5% excluding insurance and its amount of €40,000 within the limit of 40% of the total cost of the operation.

The Social Rental-Accession Loan (PSLA)

The PSLA is an agreed loan that allows the future buyer to benefit from a “rental-accession” contract . He then occupies the accommodation as a tenant-accessing, paying a fee to the lessor. Once his contract ends, the tenant becomes the owner of the accommodation.

The Housing Savings Plan

The Housing Savings Plan, better known as the PEL, is a savings account intended for the purchase of real estate or renovation work. It has paid 0.70% per year since 2018 and is guaranteed by the state, making it a safe investment. It is compensated up to a maximum of €100,000 per customer and per bank in the event of bankruptcy. In addition, the opening of a PEL can give the right to advantageous conditions for obtaining a loan or a state bonus, capped at €1,525.

To be placed in the category of medium-term investments, it is therefore generally used for the purchase or construction of a main or secondary residence . Its amount depends on the duration of the plan, the savings account and the interest earned over this period.

Housing Assistance

Housing assistance (or APL owner) is granted by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF) to owners who benefit from an approved loan or a social accession loan. The amount paid is calculated according to the size of the household, its income and the amount of the mortgage.

It’s not just subsidized loans to facilitate your new home purchase, also consider the PEL or APL owners to finance it.

The agreed loan

The Conventional Loan is granted without a means test by all financial establishments having entered into an agreement with the State. It concerns the purchase of a principal residence or a property intended to be rented (as part of a rental investment, therefore), but also the financing of certain works. This loan is compatible with other subsidized loans, with the exception of the APL owner.

The Social Accession Loan (PAS)

The PAS is an approved loan intended for low-income households who wish to acquire their first property or carry out renovation work. In the case of works, they must be for a minimum amount of €4,000 and not concern the installation of garages, terraces or separations (fence, barrier, etc.), furnishing of kitchens, living rooms or other, nor prestigious equipment (jacuzzis, saunas, etc.)

This loan is subject to income conditions, which vary according to the area where the property is located and the number of occupants of the accommodation. It is accompanied by an advantageous rate set by the State and is granted by banking establishments. The PAS also makes it possible to benefit from APL in addition but cannot however be supplemented by a “classic” mortgage.

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