June 21, 2024

How Are Investment Apps Helpful for Investors?

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Apps Helpful for Investors

Different people choose different methods of financial investment. While some invest in mutual funds, others prefer to invest in the stock market. The advent of apps gave more people access to share market investments. Just as the internet increased interaction among us when it first appeared, mobile applications are streamlining our life today. In this article, we shall see how investors benefit from these investment apps.

Excellent for New players:

Using an app could be the best option for you if you’re new to investing. Some apps take a hands-off approach, investing excess funds from your savings account or change on your expenditures without any additional work on your part. Others offer investing education that can be beneficial for newcomers. Investment apps even allow you to get investment ideas using algorithms.


Investment apps are useful for people, regardless of their financial situation. Anyone can get a variety of assets. You may put up your apps and make investments for very little money.

Put your interests first:

The majority of stock traders and investors argue that consulting firms frequently operate in their interests, failing to provide the best answers and insights based on accurate data. Considering these factors, it is therefore much more crucial to develop a stock trading app that can assist in tracking data and statistics, enabling consumers to act wisely and make the right choices.

No need for middlemen:

A stock trading app limits interactions with brokers in addition to having lower broker fees. Investors have a range of portfolio ideas available to them via the stock trading app, all of which are based on rigorous research done by the brokerage providing the app.

Send Data for Real-Time Alert:

A Stock trading app continuously sends you to push notifications with real-time data alerts so you can stay informed about the state of the stock market. It would provide timely advice on where to invest your money and inform you whether stocks are riding high or low, all for free. In addition, the apps can prove valuable by offering details on pricing filters, fastest execution, etc.

 Offers a Trustworthy and Secure Platform:

The investment apps do not share sensitive data, like account information or personal details, with anyone. A user may secure his or her personal information using multiple security layers So, so the stock trading app offers them the comfort of security.

Lower Fees:

Investment apps are very popular since they often charge significantly lower fees. You should carefully consider the various fees and charges while selecting your investment app. Each of the applications will charge you a tiny percentage of the value of your investment as well as annual fees which is usually less than just 1 percent. This ensures the expense ratio does not mount up to a high level increasing your financial burden.

Assistance from Robo-advisers:

Another kind of tool, the robo-adviser, may be useful if you have extra money to invest each month. Based on data from leading financial advisors, these applications employ algorithms to build the optimal portfolio for you. This makes sure that you always receive the best return on investment. Future success cannot be predicted by past performance. So, you begin by entering details regarding the amount of risk and the kind of portfolio you want to invest in. The program then constructs a diverse portfolio to meet your requirements and ambitions. While the program streamlines your portfolio yearly, users may set up a direct debit to invest frequently each month.

Faster transactions:

Using trading applications, placing orders to purchase and sale of shares is quick. Moreover, the payments for these transactions are just as swift. These apps provide a number of online payment options that enable almost immediate money transfers between accounts.

Help keep an eye on all important things:

The majority of online trading applications are made to show all of your financial investments and their performance on a single screen. Additionally, you can evaluate your earnings or losses as well as buy and sell shares whenever it is convenient for you.

Get rid of middlemen:

A trading app limits interactions with brokers in addition to having lower broker fees. Investors have a range of portfolio ideas available to them via the app, all of which are based on rigorous research done by the brokerage providing the app.

You can download a Demat app as well as a trading app from all popular app stores. The IIFL Securities, for example, packs in a whole lot of features on its IIFL Markets App. Here’s a quick run down of the top ones.

  • Quick access to Real-time prices of equity, commodity, and currency segments, along with in-depth information on a number of indexes
  • Option to trade in a variety of indices, like BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX, and others
  • Simple trading account covering your order book, net position, profit & loss, and trade book with
  • Exchange-specific watchlists that may be customised 
  • Price alert updates for your favourite stocks
  • Advanced widget for home screen stock monitoring
  • free guests login
  • 4-Digit Mpin-based Authentication for Clients 
  • Detailed coverage and live analysis of businesses, financial markets, industry sectors and the economy
  • Pricing and news notification centre

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