April 20, 2024

What is the ULIP plan, in Full form, and how do they work?

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how do they work

Have you heard about the insurance plans yet? There are many types of insurance plans available, but the ULIP plan is the most important one. ULIP stands for unit-linked insurance plans. It is a combination of investment and wealth insurance

In the ULIP plans, the policyholder has to make regular premium payments that will be later used to provide the life insurance cover. Investment in the ULIP plan is a great way to secure your present and future from all types of emergencies.

This article is ultimately a guide toward the ULIP plans. So, if you are interested in investing in the ULIP plan, then take a look at this article.

How does the ULIP plan work?

  • ULIP insurance (Unit Linked Insurance Plan) is the premium amount that is paid by you to allocate the funds. After that, the insurance company deducts some charges such as fund management charges, fund allocation charges, policy administration charges, and mortality charges.
  • ULIP is a long-term financial plan, which means it gives ample wealth creation opportunities.
  • On the other hand, ULIP is also known as an insurance product that offers diversified returns in the form of life insurance cover.
  • The ULIP investment is handled by dedicated fund managers of the insurance company. It means there is no need to track the investment at your end.

How is the ULIP plan structured? 

The investment plans and the options under the ULIP policy are structured similarly to the mutual funds. ULIP plans have a pool of investments from various investors before they are allocated to the fund options according to their preferences.

As we tell you already, the ULIP plans assets are managed by dedicated fund managers, who focus on fulfilling the investors’ specific investment objectives. The investors can easily buy the shares and units into a single plan.

ULIP plans are structured in such a way that they give flexibility to the investors and permit them to select the adjustments according to their preferences and requirements.

Funds options under the ULIP plan

There are three standard investment options available, equity funds, debt, and hybrid funds under the ULIP plans.

1. Equity funds

In the equity-type funds of ULIP plans, the allocated amount of investment is used to buy the stocks. Here is the high risk on investment due to the market fluctuations.

2. Debt funds

The premium allocated to the debt funds is used to make the investment in the instrument, which provides a lower risk as compared to the equity funds.

3. Hybrid funds

Hybrid funds are balanced funds that are designed to offer capital growth while ensuring low risk. Hybrid funds are known as the mixture of both equity and debt funds.


This article delivers you the details on the ULIP Plans, including the way in which the ULIP plans work, how the ULIP Plan is structured, and the different types of ULIP funds available to invest the money.

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